Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let me introduce...

Miss Peyton Reece Watts.

I realize that she will be 2 months old tomorrow, but I haven't had alot of blog time in the last 2 months. Finally, both girls are napping at the same time so I thought I would blog while I could.

Peyton was born March 12th. She weighed 7lbs. 13oz. and was 22 inches long. My labor went great. She is a wonderful baby minus a few tummy issues, but they are being resolved. She is very cuddly, which I am loving. I spent every night for the first few weeks sleeping with her laying on me on the couch. She is sleeping fairly well at night now. Usully getting up only once between 3 and 5 am. I am praying for a constant sleep pattern soon, but until then I am enjoying the night time feedings. Peyton obvisouly has no problems eating. She is growing great. We go tomorrow for her 2 month check-up so I will have a weight then, but I think she is about 13 pounds!

Big sister Madi is doing great. 2 days after Peyton was born we celebrated Madison's second birthday! I can't believe she is already 2. She seems like such a big girl now. She is getting a sassy little personality, but has such a sweet caring side. If peyton cries she is always telling her, "it's ok Pey-pey" and she tries and pushes her paci back in.

Having 2 girls has been so much fun. Going from one child to two was a much easier transition for me. I truly love being a mother to my sweet girls. I can not wait for the memories we are going to make.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

It has been forever! I keep telling myself that I need to get back, but to be honest I haven't been in the mood. I want to do a cute post with pictures, but both of our laptops, with all my pictures, are being worked on so soon, very soon, I will post about the holidays. We have had a wonderful time this Christmas season! I love when my husband is off work, and Madison is at such a fun age!

I have another new baby I am excited about, and I'm not talking about the one rapidly growing inside of me. :) She is doing great, and we can not wait to meet her in March. The baby I am talking about is mine and my mom's custom baby bedding business. I have finally started us a blog so that you can see all the creations we are having a blast making. Click on the Heart&Soul button on the side of my blog and check it out. Feel free to add the button to your blog, and tell your friends about us. We would love and welcome the extra support.

I promise to be back soon with tons of pictures. You will not believe Madison if you haven't seen her in person. She is all little girl, and a true joy to get to spend life with! I'll be back!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer coming to an End, Hello Fall!!

I love when the seasons change. I honestly love all seasons. I'm not a person that is fond of change, but for some reason when a new season appears I feel like a fresh new start is here as well. We had a wonderful summer, and always do since it means Heath is home, and we do alot of fun traveling. This past summer was no different. We traveled alot, but also spent alot of time just being together. For anyone with a coach for a husband knows that when fall comes they go, go, go! I love what Heath does, so please don't think I am complaining, and trust me I could have it so much worse. The truth is I just really miss him being around. Ok, enough about that. What have Madison and I been up to? We try and attend Heath's football games, Madi started school two days a week, and is loving it, and I have started a new business with my mother. Here is Madison's first day of school picture.
We also spend some time at the park, Madison loves to Swing.

I have mentioned a few times that my mom and I have started a business. We make baby bedding items mostly, but will do other types of baby gifts. Hopefully our blog and Etsy shop will be up and ready next week. I'll post a few pictures of some things we have been working on. We will custom any order, and with our new embroidery machine we can monogram anything. If you want any further details on anything let me know.

Bloomers. I'm working on some Tech bloomers right now, they are going to be adorable.
Zebra blanket, Madison's name is monogrammed on there.
Zebra blanket, this can also be done with any color of satin.
Burp cloth and Bib Set

Monday, September 14, 2009

I know...

I know I said I would post more about our summer in my last post, but my life has been a whirlwind lately, and I just have not sat down to blog. I think the main reason is I don't know where to start. Well, lets see. I'm a list girl so here is what's new:
1. I mentioned in my last post that I am pregnant!!! We are so excited. I am 13
weeks today. To be honest this pregnancy has not been near as easy as Madison's,
I have been sick quite a bit, which is just not fun. I went for my first
ultrasound last Friday, and the baby is doing very weel. I go back Nov. 3rd to
find out the sex! Can't wait.
2. Today Madison in 18 months old! What happened to my little baby? She is growing
up so so quickly. She even looks like a little girl now. I'm going to put up some
of my favorite pictures of her from this summer. We are having professional
pictures taken in a couple of weeks, so I will share those soon. Madison, you are
the light of mine and daddy's life. You bring so much joy to our little family. I
thank God everyday for allowing me to be your mommy.
3. I am staying home from teaching this year, and I am loving it! My mother and I
have started a baby business. We are working on our blog and Etsy website, so
stay tuned for the info. We have some really cute stuff for your baby, or gift
Ok, that's enough talking. Here are the rest of our summer pictures that I wanted to share.

NOt the best picture, but we don't take many with all 3 of us. This was the 4th of July. We love the lake.

Madi at the water park. She loved it, and has no fear.

She is very patriotic!

My favorite picture of all times. This is Madi is true character.

Heath and Madison doing what they love most.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been a long time!

...but I'm BACK!!! I realize that it has been almost 2 months since my last post, and I really have no excuse. It has been a wonderful, but very full summer. Where to begin?? Instead of boring you with tons of words I like to share our stories through pictures so here it goes. Oh, and one more things before you get tired of looking at all my pictures....Madi is going to be a big sister!!! That's right we are having another baby!!!

Adventure 1: San Diego!!!
Heath and I went with my parents and sister and bro-in-law and had a wonderful time. We love San Diego!

Heath loves watching the flowboarding competitions, so when he discovered it was held in San Diego, he had to try it out. He was awesome.
We went to the zoo, and it was amazing. I have alot of fun pictures of animals, but I decided to leave those out this time.

I love soaking the the sun, so I spent alot of time just like this on the beach!!

Heath and I on Coronado Island. It's times like this when I wonder why I live in Texas.
Heath and Josh wanted to try surfing. I think they would both agree it is much harder than it looks.
Dad decided to give it a shot too. He was awesome, atleast on the sand.
Chillin' on the beach with daddy.
Heath and I at the Padres game. We love baseball so this was one of our favorite things!
Dad, Heath, and Josh acting silly in a hat shop. Notice that I didn't put the picture up of the girls in their hats.
Paige and I at the airport, this was actually when we were leaving. My sister makes me laugh!

Ok, so I know I said I was going to post alot, but I think that is enough for now. I'm going to try and stay on top of things, and catch everyone up on our summer. I'm sure you are all just chomping at the bits to hear what else we did (sarcastic), so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's Out for the SUMMER!!!!

I guess for me it should be school's out FOREVER! But for our little family it is just the summer. The best part about Heath and I both being teachers is June, July, and part of August. We get to spend 3 month doing whatever we want, and we always make the most of it. In the past we have spent long periods of time at the houseboat, but this year is a little different. We will be heading back to Arkansas for the 4th, but before that Heath and I are going to San Diego, California! No I didn't not forget to put Madison's name in that sentence. I am leaving my baby for a week. :( Madison is leaving in 2 days with Tammy to spend the week at the boat without mommy and daddy. I was fine with idea, until today. I have just really been realizing how quickly little ones change, and I don't want to miss anything. I don't want to sound unappreciative to my husband for taking me on a wonderful trip, or my inlaws for loving on Madi all week, but I am really having a tough time. Any tips from you professional moms out there? Ok, enough of the sob story, I really am thrilled to go. San Diego is one of my favorite places in the world, I can't wait to post all the fun picutres.

The last 2 weeks we have been in Lubbock, having some great family time. Last week Heath had to work Monterey's basketball camp all week, so Madi and I went on a few trips, first we drove to Amarillo with my mom to go to this amazing fabric store. If you need fabric for anything I'll let you know where it is! I have a feeling we will be making many trip there when we get our baby bedding business off the ground! The next day Madi and I loaded back into the car for a fun day in the sun in Roaring Springs. We went with 5 of my wonderful coworker/friends and all the kids.

This week, Heath has been off, and we are loving being lazy and spending alot of time swimming. Thanks for James and Jennifer, and their house sitting gig! We could really get use to access to a pool all of the time. Madi loves the water. Well, that is enough talking for me...now for the pictures.

This is Madison at the 15 month checkup. I had to throw this pic in because she looks so BIG! She now weighs 25 lbs. 13 oz. and is 32 inches tall. I think we have a big girl on our hands!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

This last week we spent the week with Heath's family at his parent's houseboat. I can say this was the best trip we have ever had there. We did so much relaxing, and had a really wonderful time just hanging out. Plus, the sun wasn't too bad either. One afternoon I was taking picutres of Madison and I started thinking about last year at the time, we took Madison to the boat last year when she was just 2 1/2 months old, and this year she had changed more than I could ever imagined. Here is a picture of her last year:

And one from this year:

Madison loved the lake this year, once we got her to like the life jacket. Well, let me say that again, Madison like the boat, but didn't like the water. Instead of writing on and on, I'll just show you some pictures of our week.

Acting like a true Arkansa girl, chewing her piece of grass. haha

Madi loves her uncle Blake, and cheetos

This is the closest she wanted to get to the lake water.

Trying out the lake.

Feeding the ducks with Mimi, they did this alot last week.